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    Comprehensive Permaculture assessment and recommendations (rural, urban, suburban):

    • Lays the ground work for the next step in the design process, a master plan.
    • Observing, taking measurements, setting a vision and goals for the property, report and assessment.
    • In depth, local climate information, geological and soil study for the bioregion, native and settlement history, local plant and animal delineation,  general ecological analysis of the landscape.
    • Works toward a comprehensive plan that utilizes the natural forces and energies flowing through a property in order to create high yields and comfortable living for those involved. 
    • “Make the least amount of change for the greatest affect”.
    • Seeks to understand the ecology of the bioregion and the natural flows and forces, and utilize them as the basis for design work.

    Permergy: When planning for sustainable landscape and the built environment it requires a complete change in the thinking and culture of the organization and all stakeholders. Permergy facilitates this process through a series of workshops that help to reinvent the way we look a things from an ecological perspective.

    • Workshop 1: Jump-start your organization’s sustainability program. If you’ve been thinking about planning and implementing sustainable strategies to improve your operations, market reputation, employee relations – or any other business function – this workshop will lay the foundation for an integrated, whole-systems approach that will energize your employees and foster a spirit of team-building and innovation. 
    • Workshop 2: Once your organization is off to a good start, with an understanding of the core principles, a clear vision and a set of practical tools, we’ll learn the techniques for creating a whole-systems permaculture design that’s unique to your business.
    • Workshop 3: Once you have re-imagined your organization and started to design a whole systems permaculture plan, it’s time to explore the practical steps necessary to make it happen. In this workshop, we’ll examine internal and external resources, appropriate technologies and creative strategies to make the vision real.

    Please visit the Permergy website for more information on the Permergy process

    Full Permaculture master plan with detailed CAD drawings and report: 

    • Begins with an intensive design charette with all stakeholders involved in the project.
    • Subsequently, the designers review and collate all materials collected and work them into a master plan.
    • This master plan is a precursor to construction drawings and implementation of the project.
    • Looks closely at code requirements, zoning, budget, time lines for future implementation.
    • A narrative and a full set of hand-drawn or CAD drawings created.
    • Full design and redesign of  the corporate, university, civic and governmental campus : from sustainable culture to the green built environment.

    Planning & Implementation: construction drawings, budgets, time line, implementation: 

    • Implementation: the “final step” in the design process.
    • Architects and engineers create a full set of construction drawings, budgets, time lines.
    • We seek out the desired contractors to put the project on the ground.

    Eco-building planning and design: 

    • Permaculture Design-Build Collaborative helps the client plan and design their ideal site: home, business, recreational, civic.
    • We ask this question first: Can this building that we are constructing be completely recycled and composted at the end of its life cycle?

    Comprehensive farm and garden planning and steps to implementation: 

    • A look at all aspects of farming and gardening and devise a plan that is “economically sound and economically viable”.
    • Any farming or gardening system that works, as long as it relates back to the Permaculture ethics, Care of People, Care of Earth and Fair Share, or Benevolent Distribution of Yield, will be considered during the planning process.
    • Whether it is a start-up or working toward a transformation of an established farming or gardening operation we look at current practices and make the necessary changes based on organic and Permaculture whole systems design.

    Forest garden planning, design and development: 

    • The forest garden is the ultimate, perennial, Permaculture system.
    • A high yielding planting regime, perennials need not be planted each and every year, they produce a larger percentage of biomass than conventional farms and gardens, and, by nature, they are diverse and complex ecosystems in their own right, restoring health and balance to the landscape.
    • Permaculture Design-Build Collaborative looks for opportunities to develop and design this abundant and beautiful system by integrating it, seemlessly, into your preexisting landscape.

    Permaculture village design: 

    • Comprehensive Permaculture planning and design for villages, towns, and cities.
    • We take every area of life into consideration in our intensive and thorough design process.

    Complete water and soils assessment and recommendations (keyline and contour mapping, holding water and nutrients on the property): 

    • We examine your property thoroughly and seek out opportunities for slowing down and holding the water that flows across the landscape.
    • We design for holding precious topsoil where it is needed most: for plants and animals.
    • By making use of water where it falls crop yields are augmented and natural sources of potable and non-potable water are readily available for practical utilization.

    Home and business energy usage assessments and recommendations: 

    • How do we use energy to drive the devices in our homes and businesses?
    • A thorough assessment is tantamount to implementing energy saving techniques, not simply for personal savings, but the greater good of the planet.