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    About Us 

    Our team of designers is selected based on the specific intentions, needs and site of the client. We put our network of highly skilled practitioners, with a broad range of experience and expertise, to work for you: natural resource planners, landscape ecologists, forest ecologists, landscape architects, architects, engineers, educators, water/resource specialists, renewable energy systems experts, GIS/CAD specialists, native skills practitioners, farmers, gardeners. Please click on the pictures for biographical information.


    Wayne Weiseman
    Thaddeus Owen

    Jeff Gilbert

    Stanley  J. Sersen

    Lacy Brittingham

    William (Will) J. Smith

    Cliff Davis

    Jeff Rabkin

    Milton Dixon

    James Samudio

    Aur J Beck

    Kate Heiber-Cobb

    Suzanne Rhodes

    Dan Halsey

    Brian Rekasis

    Elizabeth Samudio

    Darrell Sommerlatt

    Ron Nowicki

    Vicki Nowicki